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Noah - The House of freedom

Environmentally conscious solution for sustainable living, achievable future and preservation of natural resources.

Noah House utilizes renewable energies and free from supplier bills and public utilities.

The House is actually an „active house” which means that it is constructed from renewable materials and prefabricated elements with special technology and isolation.

It collects, cleans and handles sewage and grey water. Solar energy is utilized by producing electricity which is sufficient for running and heating the house.

Noah House is designed for 4-5 people (two adults and two or three children), ideal for classic families.

The function of the premises and the modern equipment is fully appropriate for the needs of today's society.

Exterior and interior tiles along with the material of the built-in furniture can be personalized, giving unlimited opportunities for the to be owners.

NOAH Houses

The Prototype

The so called Noah Alfa House was built in Pilisjászfalu in May 2016. Experiences and results so far verify the expectations and the safe operation which was the basis of the product development.


Noah 1.0

Megszületett a Noah 1.0, azaz a Noah Ház 100m2-es változata !


Noah 1.3

The product development, which was necessary for the mass production of the house has been completed, resulting the first available version of Noah House in the market in early 2018.

At the first phase, we are going to sell houses with 137 sqm living space + approximately 50 sqm terrace, then houses with 100 sqm living space + 40 sqm terrace and 160 sqm living space + 70 sqm terrace type will be followed.


Where the idea was born

The original idea of Noah House was born on an eco-conscious sailboat expedition ("less than 80 liters around the Earth").

„Together with my partner, we undertook the challenge to sail around the world, using renewable and natural source of energy.

And where does the name Noah House come from? Well, the sailboat itself was an island in the great sea, the island of survival, like the ark of Noah. So basically this is the story and that is how we ended up with the name of the Noah's House or Noah House.

We were convinced if it worked on a sailboat, why would not it work on land? That is how we came up with the idea and since we did not find any similar solution on the market, we started to build the house.

The idea became a plan, the plan became a decision which resulted the building of the first Noah House in Pilisjászfalu, where I live with my family. The prototype was exactly what we imagined. It has justified the expectations raised in the underlying idea. „

Noah News

TOP 3 Innováció díjazott a Noah Ház !

A szakmai zsűri döntése értelmében a Noah Ház a harmadik legérdekesebb magyar innováció 2018-ban !
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Íme a NOAH 1.0, a Noah Ház 100m2-es típusa.

Megszületett a Noah 1.0, azaz a Noah Ház 100 m2-es változata, amely 2019. januártól lesz rendelhető. A Noah 1.0 típus 3 és 4 szobás alaprajzzal, illetve magas és lapos tetős tervekkel készült.
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Noah House Project in the "100 most interesting Hungarian innovation" brochure !.

Another recognition, another success in the history of Noah House! The Noah House project is among the 100 most interesting publications of Hungarian innovation. It is an honour and confirmation that the Noah Project is nominated in the brochure with many other illustrious actors and developments. In addition to the wide interest, the recognition of professional and future research is also important for us, which, in the interests of the protection of our Planet and in the interest of a sustainable future, is certainly a primary objective. Noah House is one of the available tools for the future, our grandchildren and the survival of mankind.
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