Széchenyi 2020

Building construction

Foundation - Land screws

The foundation is made with screws, which means that the installation is significantly faster regardless of any weather conditions.

Additional benefits:

- Quick installation, in any kind of ground, in any season.

- No concrete, no foundation, no construction of public utilities.

- No ecological footprint.

- Due to the ground screws, the house is above the ground level, so it can withstand soil moisture, drift or minor flooding and flooding.

- The building’s floor and wall structure does not have any direct connection with the ground, so there is no chance for any water retention problem which is commonly encountered with houses sitting on conventional foundation.


Roof covering, walls and slabs are built of prefabricated panels, manufactured with modern production technology, and made of high quality wooden support structure, with cellulose and wood fiber insulation.


Quick installation.

Modern technology, special insulation, prefabricated and wired wall panels.

Extremely good thermal parameters.

Robust structure with extreme weather resistance (e.g.: Richter scale earthquake up to grade 7, continuous 180-200 km/h wind pressure)

The essential components of the external envelope - panels, external doors and windows - exceed the latest building energy standards.