Széchenyi 2020

Current supply

Current supply – ELEctricity

The electricity supply of the house is provided by the roof-mounted solar panels.

The turn-key handover includes the fully-fledged electrical system. This includes the solar panel system, the distributor, the wiring and fittings, and radiators.

Only the energy from the solar panels ensures the operation of the house.

The house can be operated with batteries, if necessary, on “Island” mode, but it is still more cost -efficient to set up a so-called electric meter reverse-timer system. The essence of the latter is that the unused, generated electricity is recharged to the network and after the annual reading it is credited on your account. The system, we are designing is sized so that the annual electricity bill is 0 Forint.

For the sustained operation, an uninterruptible battery will be installed in the house, such as necessary to overcome a blackout.

The exterior facade of the house is equipped with special motion sensors, thus creating an external, so-called shell protection, preventing possible damage by vandals and burglars. The house alarm system will be expanded with smoke detectors, which will be built in every room.