Széchenyi 2020

How do we work?

  1. Our goal is to make the construction not a problem, but a joyful expectation, an exciting adventure in order to enjoy the moving time with your family for what you can always remember with pleasure.

    After contacting us, we clarify the needs and opportunities within a personal meeting. There are no secrets, no taboos, all questions are answered in the most professional and honest way.

    After introducing the plans of the house, we are discussing the individual requests of our prospective customers, which we are trying to take into consideration during the designing and executing period of the construction.

    Our colleagues assist you to consider the different aspects and recommendations when you decide about the plot. If you already have a site, we will help you to find the ideal placement of Noah House.

    We are up to date with the local building regulations and, if necessary, we can contact the building and construction authority for further discussion.

    After placing the order, we inform you about all the relevant information. We also provide opportunity to check the production process of the house in the factory or follow the on-site processes and the most important steps.

    The house is supervised directly by our dedicated team. There is a contact person who is available 24/7 during the construction period.

    We won’t leave our clients by themselves after the handover either. In addition to warranties and guarantee validation, we remain in contact and do regular maintenance for at least 2 years after the handover, but you may contact us in the long run with any other queries about the operation of the house.