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NOAH 1.3

NOAH 1.3

The product development, which was necessary for the mass production of the house has been completed, resulting the first available version of Noah House in the market in early 2018.

At the first phase, we are going to sell houses with 137 sqm living space + approximately 48 sqm terrace, then houses with 100 sqm living space + 40 sqm terrace and 160 sqm living space + 70 sqm terrace type will be followed.

NOAH 1.3 combines the latest technological solutions of the XXI. century with the design of a practical, comfortable, human-centered interior, reflecting new way of architectural solutions.

The House is actually an „active house” which means that it is constructed from renewable materials, and prefabricated elements with special technology and isolation.

It collects, cleans and handles sewage and grey water. Solar energy is utilized by producing electricity which is sufficient for running and heating the house.

Our vision is that Noah House is environmentally invisible, it has zero ecological footprints. The house owner live in a uniquely designed house, which is suitable for modern architectural requirements. You can enjoy ultimate comfort without any compromises, meanwhile effectively contributing to the preservation of the Earth's energy resources.

When we were planning the house we have been driven by finding solutions for creating large and pleasant spaces with access to natural sunlight and to the best ergonomic solutions.

Noah House looks like any conventional building, however it is made of recyclable materials and prefabricated panels which are assembled on site. Due to the new technology, customers are able to move into the house even within 40 days.

It is also significant to highlight that Noah House particularly resists natural disasters like flooding, wind storm or even the Richter Scale 7 earthquake.


  • Living area: 137 sqm

  • Terrace: 48 sqm

  • Bedrooms: 3

  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Other rooms: Living - Kitchen - Workroom - Laundry

3D virtual tour

Let's step into the Noah House ! Click on the arrow you can go ahead, keep the cursor on the picture, you can turn were do you want and look around.

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